What to bring to your shoot

-Check the weather right before you leave. If there's a 20% chance of rain, bring an umbrella just in case. Likewise, if it's 90 degrees outside, bring plenty of water.

-Make sure you have snacks, juice, props, toys, etc. If your child has a favorite blanket or toy that he/she can't seem to part with, leaving it at home could prove to be a bad idea. You may want to consider bringing a cooler with ice to pack drinks and anything else you wish to keep cool while shooting.

-Depending on the length of your shoot, you may want to pack a light meal and/or a few snacks of some kind. Fruits are preferable to "candy" items and will help provide energy to keep shooting. Avoid eating/bringing anything that may stain your teeth. This includes chocolaty items.

-Be mindful of your clothing. It's typically not a good idea to wear shorts and a tank top when there's a chance of rain. Make sure you bring a light jacket for each person.

Here's a list of what's typically brought to an outdoor photoshoot:
-first aid kit
-emergency medicines
-large, solid-print blanket
-at least a gallon of water and cups
-sandwiches in a cooler with ice
-extra clothes and shoes just in case
-hairbrush, hair ties, hair clips
-folding camping chairs for when we're not shooting
-child's favorite toy

There are items that are unique to each family, such as props. If you're a family of football fans, bring something that reflects that. These photos are representative of your family. Make sure you take advantage of that!


Standard Pricing

All packages include a location within 15 miles of Lexington, KY. Your edited photos will be posted to a password-protected online gallery. You'll have two weeks to decide what photos you'd like printed.

-Engagement {$60}
one hour
1 8x10, 4 5x7, 15 4x6 & 8 wallets
five photos edited
50-75 shots total

-Senior Portraits {$40}
up to one hour
2 8x10, 2 5x7 & 16 wallet prints
five photos edited
25-50 shots total

-Family Portraits {$75}
one hour
1 8x10, 2 5x7, 8 wallet prints & 10 photo cards
four photos edited
50-100 shots total

-Maternity {$75}
one to two hours
in home or on location
1 8x10, 2 5x7 & 25 4x6 prints
5-10 photos edited
50-75 shots total

-Birth Photography {$150}
up to four hours before and two hours after
50 4x6 prints
10-15 shots edited
150-200 shots total
{Available for home births, hospital births or a birthing center. I’ll clear my schedule three days before and three days after your due date in hopes I’ll be able to photograph your little one’s arrival.}]

-Newborn {$75}
up to two hours
1 8x10, 2 5x7, 15 4x6 prints & 10 photo cards
5-10 photos edited
75-100 shots total
{also available for day after birth, three month, six month and one year birthdays}

-All-inclusive Birthday package {$160}
four sessions, one hour each
1 8x10, 2 5x7, 15 4x6 & 12 wallet prints for each session
five photos from each session edited
100-150 shots from each session
(3 month, 6 month, 9 month and one year birthday package. This package can be paid at the session, at $40/session or up front. If you pay the full amount up front I'll give you a discount on your next package.)

-Furry Family members {$20}
up to one hour
10 4x6, 4 wallet prints
up to five photos edited
25-50 shots total
{Showcase your pets. They deserve some love, too!}

-Addons {available only with the purchase of an above package}:
-Prints each:
4x6: .25
5x7: 1.50
8x10: 4.00
4] wallets: 1.00

8x8, 20 pages $24.99

-Canvas {your photo stretched over a canvas. A true work of art!}:
8x10: $45.00
16x20: $70.00

-Photocards {can be used as birth, engagement or pregnancy announcements and more}:
4x8 or 5x7: .50

-CD with all your photos, and exclusive printing rights:
$200 first copy; $50 each additional copies.

Gift certificates are available. For additional pricing information, or for products not listed here, please send an email to jessicalewisatw@gmail.com. If you have a unique idea for your photo shoot (poses, props, location), it will be considered. For my own safety, I may opt not to photograph potentially dangerous situations or animals. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Pricing and information copyright 2009 Jessica Lewis
A Thousand Words Photography

Special Package Pricing for Free Sessions

If you were lucky enough to get a free session with me, you're also getting a discount on my usual print packages. I'm offering a few different options for your convenience. You can still order additional prints or products if you're not satisfied with a package. Shipping is not included.

Package A [$75]:
1 16x20 canvas
1 8x10
4 5x7
15 4x6
12 wallet
10 photocards

Package B [$50]:
4 8x10
4 5x7
25 4x6
24 wallet
10 photocards

Package C [$30]:
2 8x10
4 5x7
10 4x6
8 wallet
6 photocards

Package D [$25]:
1 8x10
2 5x7
10 4x6
8 wallet

Package E [$15]:
1 8x10
2 5x7
16 wallet

Package F [$10]:
1 8x10
2 5x7

Free Session Information

If you've seen this, you know I'm offering free sessions right now. I still need:

-2 newborn
-3 birth
-3 teen
-1 family
-1 large family (8+ members)
-1 couple 55+ years old
-1 couple 75+ years old
-2 engagement

sessions. Each session is one hour long and is on-location outdoors. You'll recieve a CD with your images, both unedited and digitally enhanced. The photos on the CD are suitable for emailing, but not printing at home or through a printing company, as they're low-resolution. You'll also have the chance to buy prints from me at a discount, if you choose. You're under no obligation to buy anything at all.

If you're interested in this offer, please send an email to jessicalewisatw@gmail.com.

Holiday Specials

Photos for Mother's Day-May 10th:
When: April 20-May 7
Where: Location of your choice, within 15 miles of Lexington, KY!
Pricing: $60 (includes 30 minute session fee with multiple poses, 1 8x10, 2 5x7 and 8 wallet photos)

Photos for Father's Day-June 21st:
When: June 1-20
Where: Location of your choice, within 15 miles of Lexington, KY!
Pricing: $60 (includes 30 minute session fee with multiple poses, 1 8x10, 2 5x7 and 8 wallet photos)

Photos for Independence Day-July 4th:
When: June 15-July 1
Where: Location of your choice, within 15 miles of Lexington, KY!
Pricing: $50 (includes 30 minute session fee with multiple poses, 1 8x10, 2 5x7 and 8 wallet photos)

Photos for Halloween-October 31st:
When: September 1-October 28th
Where: Location of your choice, within 15 miles of Lexington, KY!
Pricing: $40 (includes 30 minute session fee with multiple poses and costume changes, 2 5x7 and 8 wallet photos)

Photos for Thanksgiving-November 26th:
When: November 1-20
Where: Location of your choice, within 15 miles of Lexington, KY!
Pricing: $30 (includes 30 minute session fee with multiple poses, 1 5x7 and 4 wallet photos)

Photos for Christmas-December 25th:
When: November 1-December 20
Where: Location of your choice, within 15 miles of Lexington, KY!
Pricing: $75 (includes 1 hour session fee with multiple poses, 1 8x10, 2 5x7, 5 photocards and 8 wallet photos)

Discounts Available

-10% off total order to Active Duty military with valid military ID or veterans with a VA card
-5% off total order for students with valid school ID card
-15% off total booking fee for booking Maternity, Birth and Newborn photography together
-15% off total booking fee for booking Maternity and Newborn photography together
-5% off your next package if you refer us to a friend who books a shoot. Your friend will also receive 5% his/her total order.

Additional discounts may be available in the future. Must mention discount in order to receive it.


When you decide that you'd like to have me help preserve your memories, you'll contact me through either email or by phone, both listed in the "Contact Me" link on the right. We'll then schedule your consultation. The consultation serves three purposes. First, we'll discuss what you're looking for. We talk about your personal style, your lifestyle and different packages, options and products that are available and appropriate for you, your family or as gifts. We'll also discuss how wall portraits, photobooks and albums are designed, delivered and priced. We'll also schedule your shoot at this time.

We'll also have a purchasing consultation, either over the phone or in person. At this time, you'll be presented with all your images (both unedited and digitally enhanced) and given the option to purchase prints and products. If necessary, please bring husbands, wives, parents and any other decision makers with for ease of ordering.

Birth Photography

Life is unpredictable. One thing is for certain: the feeling, the look, the incredible experience of pregnancy and childbirth is unlike anything else in the world. I want you to have a visual reminder of how precious life is. Whether pregnancy was easily attained or a desperate search for you, your family deserves to have every moment preserved. That's my goal.

Birth is overwhelming, so being able to have your support person focus 100% on you can make the entire event run much more smoothly. Giving birth is a private event I greatly respect. I'll stay out of the way, capturing real moments and emotions you'll treasure for years to come. I won't take any graphic photos unless you specifically ask me to.

About Me

After trying to conceive for two years, my husband, Mark, and I found out we were finally expecting. We were elated, and then were greeted with orders to a Navy base fifteen hours away. We made the move, and were worried as to what was to come. When I was about five months pregnant with my daughter, Audree, and all moved into our new house, my husband found out he would be deployed with the Navy. We had been in for two years and knew the day was coming soon, but that still didn't prepare us for what was to come. Since he was scheduled to be away from home when the baby was born, we found it imperative to document each step of our pregnancy. Somehow, I found Kristen
Taylor's website. She specialized in birth photography, a concept I had never heard of before. I was very interested. I wanted to keep Mark involved to the fullest extent. Kristen agreed to take our maternity photos, also. To this day, those pictures mean the world to me. I never thought I would get the chance to be a mother; I have PCOS. Having those photos remind me daily how fast life changes.

My Photography Background

As any photographer claims, I have always fostered a love for photography. I've always loved the beauty of nature. I lack the ability to draw, paint or sculpt well, so photography is my natural outlet. No matter the subject--nature, families, new life...it's my job to capture it as it is. Retaining memories is my specialty.

I guess you could say my love for being behind the camera might be partly hereditary; my dad also loved photography. My husband and his family are also very much into it and were Canon lovers. I've had a camera since I was a young teen, and when I married my husband, he bought me a much nicer point and shoot. That was almost four years ago.

When my daughter was born, a friend visited. Not only did she bring along two of the cutest little boys I've ever seen, but she had something else breathtaking--a Canon Rebel digital SLR. I fell in love with it seeing just one photo. I wanted that camera, desperately. My husband bought me the camera I use today, Canon Rebel XTi.